Google’s extended concept of mobile apps reaches new advertising features

Google Inc. has come out with effective solutions in which it allows the marketers in running the online ads which automatically sends the consumers to the page inside the mobile app. Additionally, the varied internet companies provides their efforts in expending their billion dollar advertisement businesses along the smartphones. The mobile apps are the latest inclusions in your smartphones, which deliberately allows you to have a searching experience similar to that of the other search engines available over the internet.

The latest advertising feature enables the Google to bridge the gap in between traditionally public websites and webpages which have deliberately unpinned the search business along with the increasing standalone bringing the effective popularity of the mobile apps among the consumers. The mobile apps are highly dedicated to varied ranges of searches which we often check over the internet. The restaurant reviews to the online games, every little notch of typicality gets walled off for Google in integrating the results of the search engine.

Mobile Apps

Previous year, Google used its enhanced terminologies with the capabilities under deep links that effectively limits the number of the participating mobile applications. The smartphone user for example, who might be searching for a Chinese restaurant while being in San Francisco, might directly get into the link where one gets the reservation at the OpenTable restaurant through the recommended app.

Google has now enhanced the search option through the mobile apps which directly lets the marketers to travel along the same path getting along the display ads and the search ads running in the Google websites. This process effectively help the varied companies to boost the considerable amount of the time for the consumers to spend while the usage of the mobile apps. The latest feature which Google brought into light will effectively get its appearance along the varied smartphone available in the market. The targeted smartphones remained to be those, which run on the software depending on Google Android.

Google being the top linked search engine over the internet generated the vast majority for the revenue through the varied advertisers. But the considerable advertisement rates remained under pressures, similar to those of the others search engines, due to the enhanced accessibility of the consumers of its online service through the mobile devices having smaller screens. The smaller screened mobile devices often obsolete the advertisements which remain to be an effective part of its revenue; hence, the advertising rates remained lower as compared to that of the personal computers and laptops.