Corporate Intranet/extranet

This is such an era where technology is the first thing to start a day and the last thing to end it.

It can be well assumed that how important the technology proved itself in order to carry out the daily activities. The most important part is that the businesses of recent time have been pretty depended on the technologies, in order to ensure their existence in this vast competition and grow their business.

The advent of the Internet has changed the scenario of businesses completely and has produced lots of scope in order to make sure that the business houses rise higher. New networks have also come into existence that are related to the internet, but the accessibility of such networks is restricted to the authorized users only.

The Intranet is a network, which can be accessed by the authorized computers within a company and this network doesn't connect to the outer world. It stays within the authorized area and the computers of the specific area would be connected to the network. Once few users from outside the country are authorized to access to the network, the network would be called to be as Extranet. With the growth of competition all over the globe, such networks are needed at a high extent.

We have gained a lot of experience in the particular field and install such networks in the specific areas as per required by the clients. Our hardworking team makes it sure that the clients are treated with respect and their job is done efficiently.