Refund Policy

We do not endorse any sorts of amount refunds that have been furnished by clients to run the project process.

However, there are some certain cases, where we consider our refund policy to be a little flexible.
For example, due to technical failure or nature calamity or any sorts other unavoidable reasons,
if we cannot deliver the services we furnish refunds to the clients.

If client is not satisfied with our products like PC Optimizer Plu, Arride CRM, Arride HRM, Patient Management System we will refund the amount for the balance days which user do not want to proceed as all products are on mothly basis except the PC optimizer Plus.?

As PC Optimizer is one time buy product and only upgraded versions will be available in future and if client wants the upgrade client can buy the upgraded version with additional charges and if client is not satisfied with our PC Optimzer Plus we have 30 days money back guarantee.

However, refunding amount is a matter of consideration and here the event is important. We hold the sole right for decision making for any sorts of refunds that would be released.

If clients want to stop the project in halfway, then we do not refund any sorts of amount that have been collected so far from clients. However, we can deliver the unfinished works as per client request. We do not provide guarantee for any sorts of refunds if client even has not started the project yet. So, we hereby request the clients to transfer money after getting ready with project specifications.

Refund is allowed if extra money has been paid by clients mistakenly! We generally refund that amount within 14 working days. Refunds are not available if clients have paid for some products or services that they later realized that they do not need such services or products.